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    What are the costs associated with using Developry’s services?
    Costs associated with using Developry’s services depend on the scope of the project and specific client needs. An existing WP.org plugin with several custom options and a single premium features is starting from $3,000 USD and for more complex plugins with custom requirements can go up to 15,000 USD.
    How long does it typically take for Developry to develop a plugin?
    The development timeline for a plugin varies depending on its complexity and requirements, and it go anywhere from 2 weeks to a couple of months.
    Can Developry assist with both new plugin ideas and existing ones?
    Yes, Developry can assist with both new plugin ideas and existing ones coming for free WP.org plugins, adapting its services to meet your needs.
    What sets Developry apart from other plugin development studios?
    Developry stands out from other plugin development studios due to its expertise, efficiency, and commitment to client success.
    How does Developry help with monetizing premium plugins?
    Developry assists in monetizing premium plugins through specialized strategies tailored to maximize revenue potential as well as optimizing your plugins SEO and search engine rankings.