“Developry’s service is simply incredible. It delivers exactly what it promises: high-quality code developed with a proven workflow and process. Highly recommended!”

– Samuel J, E-commerce Owner

WordPress Plugin Development by Developry

Your WordPress plugin experts, saving you time and money in development and setup while crafting and selling your premium plugins.

Custom Plugin Development

Why Developry?

Choose Developry for unparalleled expertise, efficiency, and profitability in WordPress plugin development.


Benefit from our extensive experience
and expertise in WordPress
plugin development.

Proven Workflow

Our tried-and-tested process
ensures efficiency, quality, and
successful outcomes.


Save valuable time by leveraging
our streamlined development

Cost Effective

Maximize your resources with
our cost-effective solutions, saving you
money in the long run.

Comprehensive Support

Receive full support and guidance
throughout the entire development journey,
from ideation to launch and beyond.

Tailored Solutions

We cater to your specific needs
and requirements, ensuring your
plugins are customized to perfection.

Monetization Strategies

Unlock the potential for revenue
generation with our specialized strategies
for selling premium plugins.

Dedicated Partnership

Partner with us for a committed
and collaborative relationship
focused on your success.

About Developry

What is Developry?

Developry is more than just a WordPress plugin development studio; it’s your partner in crafting premium plugins that not only enhance your website’s functionality but also boost your bottom line. Our team at Developry understands the intricacies of WordPress plugin development like no other, and we’re here to guide you through every step of the process.

With our proven workflow and process, we streamline the development journey, saving you precious time and resources. Gone are the days of trial and error, uncertain outcomes, and wasted investments. At Developry, we’ve honed our approach to ensure efficiency, quality, and, most importantly, success.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or new to the world of WordPress, our studio is equipped to cater to your needs. We offer comprehensive support and guidance, from conceptualization to launch and beyond. Our expertise spans various niches and functionalities, so no matter the complexity of your plugin idea, we’re ready to bring it to life.

But our commitment doesn’t end with development. We understand the importance of monetizing your efforts, which is why we specialize in helping you sell your premium plugins. Our strategies are tailored to maximize your revenue potential while providing value to your users.

So why waste time and money navigating the murky waters of plugin development alone? Partner with Developry, and let’s transform your plugin ideas into profitable realities.

Search and Replace for Elementor

WordPress plugin for Elementor that enables you to find and replace text, HTML, and links inside the visual editor with ease.

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Media Library Recovery

Recover and restore media that has been deleted from the database but remains accessible on your WordPress installation server.

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Featured Image Plus

Generate and manage all your WordPress featured images with Unsplash and OpenAI integration and CPTs and WooCommerce support.

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Web Fonts Loader

Effortlessly load, host, and customize any fonts in WordPress, works with both Classic and Block editors.

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Instagram Blocks

A collection with native and customizable WordPress blocks for Instagram. Loading media into your WordPress posts and pages has never been easier.

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Animate Blocks on Scroll

Bring your posts and pages to life with animations inside the Block editor.

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Kind Words from our clients


Hear what our clients have to say about their finished product.

“The proven workflow at Developry made the development journey smooth and efficient. We’re thrilled with the quality of our plugin and the support we received along the way.”

John D

Tech Startup Founder

“Developry’s tailored solutions perfectly met our plugin requirements. They truly understood our vision and delivered a customized solution that exceeded our expectations.”

David L

E-commerce Entrepreneur

“Choosing Developry was one of the best decisions we made for our plugin development needs. They exceeded our expectations in every aspect, and we’re grateful for their expertise and support.”

Laura G

Online Store Manager

“Developry’s team was a pleasure to work with. Their expertise in WordPress plugin development is evident, and they made the entire process seamless and stress-free.”

Amanda T

Content Creator

“We were impressed by Developry’s monetization strategies. They helped us not only develop a top-notch plugin but also devise effective strategies to generate revenue from it.”

Jessica S

Digital Marketing Specialist

Select your Package

Custom Packages

Custom WordPress plugin development with proven workflow and results, high-quality code following the latest WordPress Coding Standards.

Starting From


Free to Pro

Take your free WP.org plugin
and convert it into a premium
and a standalone paid version.

Get Started

Convert 1 free WP.org plugin
to Premium.
(up to 5 custom options
and 1 premium feature)

1 year of priority email support.

3 months of regular plugin
updates and fixes
(up to 4 hrs).

Plugin-only development.

Starting From



Develop a custom premium
WordPress plugin based
on your requirements
and criteria.

Get Started

Develop a custom Premium
WordPress plugin.
(up to 10 custom options
and 3 premium features)

1 year of priority email support.

3 months of regular plugin
updates and fixes. (up to 8 hrs)

Plugin + website setup
and development.



Custom WordPress plugin

Develop and extend existing
WordPress plugins.

Integrate any 3rd party APIs.

Offer compatibility and
maintenance for your plugins.

Create a custom WordPress
site to sell your plugin.

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Free to Pro VS Premium

Comparison Table

What is the difference between the Free to Pro and Premium packages?

A quick comparison table highlighting the difference between the Free to Pro and Premium packages of WordPress plugin development.
Frequently Asked Questions


We’ve compiled a list of questions and answers to help your experience and decision with our website. Feel free to send us a message if you have any additional questions about our packages or custom WordPress development.

Does Developry offer customization options for plugins?
Yes, Developry offers additional customization options based on our hourly rate to ensure your plugin meets your specific requirements.
What kind of support does Developry provide throughout the development ?
Developry provides comprehensive support throughout the development journey, from ideation to launch and beyond, all included in our custom packages.
How can Developry help me save time and money on plugin development?
Yes, Developry helps clients save time and money by providing efficient and cost-effective plugin development solutions.
How does Developry streamline the WordPress plugin development process?
Developry streamlines the WordPress plugin development process through its proven workflow and process, including setup a single page website for your plugin.
What services does Developry offer?
Developry offers WordPress plugin development services tailored to your needs where can either convert your Free WP.org plugin to Pro, or code custom Premium plugin based on your requirements.